Dermite irritative

A new and innovative emollient with Cu-Zn-Mn triad for irritant and allergic dermatitis

31 octobre 2022

Introduction: Irritant, allergic contact dermatitis (ICD, ACD), and atopic dermatitis (AD), beside therapeutic prescriptions, need a specific cosmetic management with emollient, antiirritant, antimicrobial, and healing products. A new emulsion for ICD and ACD with no antiseptic, no common preservative, no perfume, and no colorant has been developed. It contains the first oligo-element triad (Cu-Zn-Mn), phytosphingosines, […]

Evaluation of a non occlusive polymers ointment in a series of 71 cases of irritant contact dermatitis in building workers

25 novembre 2021

Introduction Skin barrier rupture is one of the main physiopathology elements in irritant contact dermatitis. Its treatment involves – beside specific etiological and drug treatment – the use of topical insulating creams with specific composition in order to restore and protect the damaged skin. Objectives To assess the efficacy and tolerance of an ointment (BARIEDERM […]