The Cosmetovigilance management has been developed supporting the clinical research by promoting direct contact, listening and consumer’s empathy in Europe and World-wide.

CLINREAL provides you a claim collecting process, digital and flexible, matching the consumers’ new cultural and societal requirements world-wide.

Improve your performances, secure your image

Zero defect objective: understanding and resolving the customer’s dissatisfaction (quality defect, adverse effect, dysfunction).


Recovering the customer’ satisfaction: with a direct and reactive contact associated with qualitative listening and empathy from our team.


Reassuring: guarantee to comply with the regulation requirements


International management: thanks to an important network of language callers.

Choose a win-win support

Beyond a one-time file management, CLINREAL offers you a support plan for consolidating and anticipating your long-term vision.


Management of the risk-exposure to the product.


Management of the industrial risk.


Sharing of the performance indicators.

en 5 points

  • Réactivité et Fluidité du traitement des cas.
  • Facilité de déploiement.
  • Optimisation et Maîtrise des budgets.
  • Accessibilité des données en temps réel.
  • Potentiel de data visualisation.